• Jan2017

    Phase IV of Bahria Orchard launched!

    Bahira Orchard, one of the most prosperous projects in Lahore, has recently launched its Phase IV. The developer has been advertising it in the national dailies for a couple of days now, claiming that a inhibited number of commercial and residential plots are available on a first-come, first-accommodated substratum. Unlike other phases of Bahria Orchard, Phase IV offers only 10-marla and 1-kanal residential plots and 5- and 10-marla commercial plots.

    These plots are available on instalments spread over 26 months. The tone of the advertisement campaign orchestrated for the launch of this incipient project suggests that the market demand for these plots is outstandingly high and tardy comers will most likely miss this opportunity.

    It is expected that these plots will balloted after the whole project has been booked. Here is the payment plan:

    Plot size Property Type Total Price Booking Instalment
    10 Marla Residential PKR 5,100,000 PKR 1,250,000 PKR 427,000
    1 Kanal Residential PKR 8,100,000 PKR 1,650,000 PKR 716,666
    5 Marla Commercial PKR 15,000,000 PKR 3,000,000 PKR 1,500,000
    8 Marla Commercial PKR 22,500,000 PKR 4,500,000 PKR 2,250,000
    Bahria Orchard is one of the few Bahria projects in Lahore that has resiliently recuperated from the 5-month- long standstill in the property market.

    On the other hand, Bahria Town has yet to sort out the pending issues with owners whose plots have been compromised in the Lahore Ring Road’s route. The infamous Sector F still awaits to optically discern a solution, while the location of Bahria Greens hasn’t been revealed and the future of Golf View Residencia additionally appears dull. The affectees of these projects alacritously await resolution of their respective issues and they have additionally been utilizing different avenues to voice their concerns.

    I must additionally verbalize that being one the most active and vigilant authentic estate developers of Pakistan, Bahria Town still magnetizes buyers, but the fact remains that people are now less vigilant about buying a property in Bahria Town that’s not on ground.

  • MRA (Monthly Authentic Estate Analysis) – Jan 2016 Property Market Report is a general guideline and does not cover all aspects of the market. The authentic estate trends vary even within blocks of the same phase and for a layman it gets very intricate and confounding. You can however attend our authentic estate briefing and discussion sessions held every Friday 7 to 8 Pm to answer your queries in person .

    The sizably voluminous news this month is the possession of DHA Lahore Phase 8 opportune, which was promulgated on 29th Dec 2016.

    discussion forum is always open for authentic estate cognate questions and answers.

    In this months market report our focus will be on DHA Lahore Phase 8 residential plots and Phase 9 Prism.

    Present Market Condition

    December proved to be the light at the cessation of the tunnel. It seems we have optically discerned the bottom in November and the prices have risen sharply in December. Phase 8 of DHA Lahore came on top after the news of possession, similarly we are visually perceiving an abundance of interest in 9 Prism plots by investors as well.

    This is good news for the authentic estate sector of Lahore over all. One immensely colossal concern by the terminus of the year was the implementation of 3% advance tax in lieu of amnesty scheme. DHA required every individual to pay 3% advance tax regardless of having white mazuma or not, this sparked concerns because as per earlier info the amnesty was only applicable to individuals who did not had white mazuma. The matter has been taken to the FBR ascendant entities and seems akin to they are disposed to sort out the mystification engendered because of there mistake. The DHA Lahore authentic estate sodality is orchestrating to take the matter to the court if not resolved at an earliest time frame.

    DHA Phase 1 to 5

    Phase 1 to 5 have remained stable and the Amnesty scheme has certainly brought hope back in the sellers who have now commenced to authoritatively mandate higher prices for there plots.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    Pentasquare and M block extension news.


    a. Buy commercial for rental purport.

    b. We do not recommend buying in M block.

    c. We do recommend that if you have a plot for investment in Phase 5, sell it and buy some thing in DHA Phase 8 opportune.

    DHA Phase 6

    Prices in Phase 6 are stable, the selling pressure we descried in November has facilitated off in December. However I am not very optimistic about Phase 6 as far as investment is concerned, I believe that Possession of Phase 8 will keep a check on the prices in Phase 6 . If the genuine buyers focus shifts to Phase 8 for constructing a house than we may optically discern Phase 6 prices destitute of behind. However this is some thing which will not transpire over night and may take a year or so for a trend to establish.

    Possession of S Block of Phase 8 will generally avail to stabilize the MB commercials in front of N and L Blocks of Phase 6 and P block of Phase 7.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    a. Balloting of CCA 2


    a. Buy residential plots in DHA Lahore phase 6 if available at a lower price than the market. That will pay you off in a few months.

    b. Good opportunity to buy commercial on Main MB in front of N and L Blocks of Phase 6 and P block of Phase 7.

    DHA Phase 7

    Phase 7 has remained stable and we have optically discerned interest of investors to buy plots at lower rates. Areas of Z1 of Phase 7 which are not under possession but are contiguous to W block seem akin to a good buy between 125 to 130 Lacs.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    a. The commercial files of Phase 7 are exhibiting an abundance of spine and seems akin to it will be hard to optically discern them go down to 220 Lacs, so i will raise our buy price to 235 Lacs for a short term trade.


    Same as last month

    a. If you have circumscribed budget buy a plot in Phase 7 to make a house.

    b. Buying 4 Marla commercials files in DHA Phase 7 on dips towards 220 to 235 Lacs is a good strategy for short term trade.

    DHA Phase 8

    This is where the action has been in December 2016. The rumors were out at the commencement of December and people were expecting the possession of S block by 29th December. This commenced to stabilize the market and the prices commenced to elevate up. However DHA gave every one a nice surprise by promulgating the over all possession of Phase 8 . Affirmative, marginally of development work is still to be done, but nothing to obviate you from starting constructing a house.

    It would have been much better if DHA promulgated the possession of S Block only and gave a date for the remaining blocks in a couple of months. This would have sparked an abundance of trading opportunity in DHA Lahore Phase 8. However that did not transpire and consequently we may not optically discern the prices of Phase 8 going very high initially.

    I believe the prices in Phase 8 will elevate steadily now and the major catalyst will be the commencement of house construction. Genuine buyers will prefer Phase 8 in times to come so we will optically discern a lot transpiring in 2017. In January we will optically discern the prices gain back remotely on what they have lost in the precedent months.

    This is now the last opportunity to gain some benefits in Phase 8, the prices will perpetuate to go upwards for a couple of years and will depend on the celerity of the construction & authoritatively mandate of genuine buyers. You can still gain 2 to 3 million in next few months on an expeditious trade.

    Z Ivy green is standing its ground, however the prices are not yet very lucrative for investors .

    Ex Park view of Phase 8 is a great option and the prices are still my favorite for a 2 Kanal plot , plausibly good plot is available in virtually 400 lacs and i believe is the best area to buy a 2 Kanal plot in this price.

    4 Marla commercial files of Ex Park View are trading at 250 to 270 lacs and we believe that they are better than any other commercial files in DHA in these prices, we suggest that you buy them as there is a vigorous possibility of balloting anon.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    a. Possession updates.


    a. We vigorously recommend to buy residential plots on dips for investment or if you optate to make your own house. or buy 10 and 5 Marla plots in Y and Z block on dips.

    b. Buy 4 Marla Shivpur or Malikpur files in Phase 8 Ex Park View any where between 250 to 275 Lacs.

    c. We will only recommend you to buy 4 Marla commercial between 300 to 450 Lacs and 8 Marla between 600 to 800 Lacs in good areas

    DHA Phase 9 Town

    Residential plot in 9 Town are stable and we believe that they are at the lower end and have a potential of going up in near future. The commercial files are trading well at 280 to 290 Lacs. Balloting is not expected to transpire in January as well so we may just visually perceive the prices flirting between 280 and 290 Lacs.

    However in genuine terms we are not very fond of 9 town 4 Marla files because of its location and the number of plots. A genuine assessment of the price is 260 to 270 Lacs only afore balloting.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    a. Balloting news about 9 Town commercial may push the prices up towards 325 to 350 Lacs .


    a. Surely a buy for mid term trade and relish a million or more in one year on just an investment of 5.5 Million.

    b. We did give a vigorous buy signal for the 9 Town files at 250 to 260 Lacs and we still believe that this is a safe price zone. However unless there is another availability of files in 9 Town we do not visually perceive it going rock bottom again. Buying at 275 TO 300 Lacs puts you at a peril of 2 million downside in comparison to 7 million upside so it is still a buy signal for us at any where between 250 to 300 Lacs.

    DHA Phase 9 Prism

    9 prism is our next sizably voluminous focus after Phase 8 as it is expeditiously becoming the focus of investor interest and is expected to be the best option for expeditious trades in January and later on in the year. The prices of 9 Prism are genuinely higher than what they should be so we do not optically discern it gaining a lot in terms of price and we expounded that earlier as well if you should buy or not to buy 9 Prism plots.

    I am not authentically expecting prices to elevate sharply, however 9 Prism will keep offering trading and investment opportunities and is the best option for short term traders. A definite trend has established now and that is why we are giving you a signal to get into short term trades only.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    a. Be conscientious of any steep price spikes as they will most likely reverse later this year.


    a. Sell residential and Sell Commercial plots if the prices go higher than 15%.

    B. We only recommend buying for short term & mid term trades in January.

    DHA Phase 10

    File price for 1 Kanal commenced from 62 Lacs and is now available for 57 Lacs. As more availability comes in the market the prices may go down in January.


    a. It is better to wait remotely more afore investing in Phase 10 files. The prices are going down as of now and i cerebrate best is to buy them if they reach 50 Lacs.

    DHA Phase 11 Rahber

    The commercial files are moving higher again and we will be meticulous to buy them unless for a long term investment.

    Keep your ocular perceivers and auditory perceivers open for

    a. Balloting news may push the prices higher but seems unlikely that we will auricularly discern any such news this month.


    a. We only recommend buying 4 Marla commercial at 190 to 200 Lacs for a long term investment.

    b. The residential file is trading at 29 Lacs which is again not a very captivating price for investment

  • The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has formally invited suggestions and proposals for preparing the upcoming Budget 2017-18. The last date to submit these proposals is January 15, 2015.
    The board has invited suggestions of stakeholders from chambers of commerce and industry, provincial bodies, bodies of trade and industry and regulatory ascendant entities in this regard.

    Per FBR’s injuctive authorizations, the stakeholders are required to expound the financial impacts of their proposals. The proposal format, as injuctively authorized by FBR, should withal mention pertinent sections of the ordinance, the subsisting law, and the proposed amendment. In integration to that, the proposal must withal be submitted along with the rationale for the proposed amendment and the expected financial impact on the national exchequer.

    Delving deeper into details, I came to ken that the FBR has invited proposals from the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Karachi, Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan Coalesced Retailers Sodality, Pakistan Business Council, National Clearing Company of Pakistan Constrained, American Business Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Bar Council, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

    By inviting proposals and suggestions from the concerned bodies, the FBR is keeping its tradition alive, which is followed each year for the preparation of the annual budget. Budget preparation isn’t a facile task and several licit, economic, and financial aspects are considered afore a suggestion is approved.

    On behalf of the authentic estate sector, I must verbally express that taxes cognate to the property sector should be revised by keeping in mind that property investors and buyers can opt to stay idle if they find the property tax a little too onerous. In additament to introducing a cordial tax policy for different industries in the country, FBR should withal consummate its promise of revising the valuation tables it relinquished on July 1, 2016 to amass property taxes.

  • Dec2016

    DHA Lahore promulgates possession in Phase VIIIDefence Housing Ascendancy (DHA) promulgated property possession in DHA Lahore Phase VIII on December 29, 2016. The information is scarcely incomplete as the ad, which is published in the local dailies today, doesn’t share details about the blocks for which possession has been granted. From sources I have learnt that possession of properties might only be offered in Sector S, while virtually the entire phase is yare. However, the DHA has not given its official stance in this regard. Rest assured, we will keep a close ocular perceiver on the sector and update you as anon as any further information becomes available to us.

    News about expected possession promulgation in DHA Lahore’s Phase VIII has been circulating in the market for a while. And perhaps because of sundry rumours, a elevate in property trade volume was descried here and that’s despite the fact that trade activity remained slow in Phases VII and IX. Property prices in Phase VIII will perpetuate to increment till property possession is granted in all the sectors of Phase VIII.

    Compared to Phases VII and IX, the price decline visually perceived in Phase VIII because the recent market standstill, caused by the incipient tax amassment regime, was the highest. According to Zameen.com’s stats, property rates here plunged by over 20% after the implementation of the incipient tax regime. Quite surprisingly, the prices took an upward trend after the rumours of possession spurred in the market.

    The agents I conversed with are of the view that possession of plots in Sector F will be granted on December 29 and their postulation is predicated on the fact that this particular sector has been adorned with seasonal flowers, probably to celebrate the upcoming possession handover. Please note that many blocks, except for a few in some sectors, are yare for possession.

    About the remaining sectors, I have learnt from my sources that possession can be granted in particular blocks in the coming months. Experts are withal of the view that a major portion of the phase would be granted possession by June 2017. Possession handover can very well cause a price elevate in the remaining blocks, but please note that price appreciation could be less paramount for plots relishing prime locations, as their rates are already quite high.

    So investors looking to earn some profit out of this situation should invest only in plots that are comparatively more frugal as rates of such properties could go up by 20% in the months to come. To those prehending their property in Phase VIII in hopes of getting a more sizably voluminous and juicier profit, the time for celebration may be proximate!

    However, I must tell you that due to its location and withal because of the fact that Commercial Broadway is destined to become the most elegant commercial district of the town, Phase VIII is going to be one of the best phases in DHA Lahore.

  • Latest update on the market situation of Bahria Town Lahore

    Virtually all investor-centric authentic estate projects have had a very silent second a moiety of the year and Bahria Town Lahore is no exception. Bahria Town Lahore didn’t only experience a sheer lack of investment activity, but withal witnessed some issues as grave as the dilemma of the final route of the Lahore Ring Road that is set to cut through several established blocks of the society. Furthermore, the famous Sector F issue has additionally made investors wary of the conception of investing in properties that aren’t on-ground here.

    The last 6 months have been peculiar for the property sector, where despite no activity, property rates in some localities managed to sustain the pressure and didn’t optically discern a decline too drastic to crash the market. Homogeneous trends were visually perceived in Bahria Town congruous, as rates of the on-ground property here have visually perceived only a marginal drop. But the same doesn’t stand true for Bahria Orchard. According to Unique Associates CEO Atique-Ur-Rehman, average property rates in Bahria Orchard have dropped by over 20% since July 2016.

    While Rehman doesn’t optically discern much elevate in property trade activity after the promulgation of the tax amnesty scheme, he is of the view that property demand in Bahria Orchard has remotely amended and rates here have withal commenced to climb. He believes that this authoritative ordinance has nothing to do with the amnesty scheme, as the recent drop in property prices has enticed investors to head to Bahria Orchard. He additionally mentioned that the current activity isn’t impressive enough to bring along a nice price elevate in the short term.

    While genuine buying and selling of properties perpetuates in Bahria Town felicitous, Bahria Orchard mostly intrigues investors at the moment.

    If you are looking to invest in Bahria Town’s projects in Lahore, you should only purchase on-ground plots and abstain from investing in files and projects whose maps have not been shared and other information about their development work has yet to come.

    When asked about the Lahore Ring Road’s route, Rehman attested that the route hasn’t transmuted, but Bahria Town is offering emolument to the affectees of the project. Plot owners are being offered alternate plots in Bahria Town felicitous, while for homes, the developer is offering cash as per market rates.

    So if you were hoping that the route of LRR would be transmuted and your property would stay safe, it’s time to accept authenticity and make your claim. For this purport, you can visit Bahria Town’s office in Bahria Orchard.

    For Details Please Contact Us.

  • Amnesty scheme for authentic estate sector approved by standing committee

    The Income Tax Amendment Act 2016 has been signed by President Mamnoon Hussain. With this, the authentic estate tax amnesty scheme has gotten licit cover. Experts hope that the scheme will drag the authentic estate market out of the standstill it has been facing for over 5 months.

    It is generally believed that pressure exerted by the business community, protests held by authentic estate agents and the influence of sizably voluminous investors together coerced the regime to promulgate this amnesty scheme. This could be partly true, but I believe that a stark drop in the revenue accumulated from the property sector has played a more astronomically immense role in this regard.

    Reportedly, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is currently facing a shortfall of PKR 100 billion in its budgeted tax revenue. A major chunk of this revenue is accumulated from the authentic estate sector, which has visually perceived a drop of over 80% in transaction volume since July 2016. Furthermore, the incipient tax amassment mechanism invoked a potentially deleterious situation for the construction sector, affecting projects worth PKR 100 billion. Now that the amnesty scheme has been approved, the FBR hopes to amass PKR 50 billion in terms of tax revenue from the property sector.

    Those fascinated with availing the amnesty scheme would be required to pay 3% tax on the distinction between the DC rate and the rates notified by the FBR in its valuation tables. Reportedly, the incipient bill will be applicable for the properties purchased afore July 2016. A tax official told heralds that the regime would consider whether the scheme should perpetuate, in the next budget.

    Those looking to avail this scheme will not be probed about the source of mazuma they invested in the property sector.

    The Income Tax Amendment Act 2016 has exempted the families of martyred army, rangers and police officers from Capital Gains Tax and Withholding Tax on the sale of property inherited by or awarded to them. Furthermore, property worth PKR 4 million or less will additionally be exempted from Withholding Tax.

  • Is the official launch of DHA Multan near?

  • Green Palms Gwadar: Residential & Commercial Plots Are Available On Installments
    125, 250, 500 & 1000 Square Yards / 5, 10, 20 & 40 Marla Residential Plots

    100 & 200 Square Yards / 4 & 8 Marla Commercial Plots


    GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is the perpetual residential project in Gwadar by Rafi Group. GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is offering 125, 250, 500 & 1000 square yards residential plots and 100 & 200 square yards commercial plots. Commercial & Residential Plots in GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME can be booked on cash payment and withal on facile installments of 3 years. GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is one of the top housing developments of Gwadar due to state of the art orchestrating, top location and provision of all general amenities. GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is ideal for living and property investment in Gwadar.


    GREEN PALMS HOUSING SCHEME is located on Airport Road / Port Road Gwadar. Location of GREEN PALMS is ideal as it will be the center of business activities in Gwadar with many high-elevate developments.


    State of the art orchestrating

    Wide roads with green belts

    Modern sewerage system

    High security

    Parks & grounds

    Children Play area


    Community Club

    Commercial centers

    Booking details of Green Palms Gwadar

    RESIDENTIAL (Cost of land only)

    Price of 5 Marla Residential Plot = 7 LAC

    Price of 10 Marla Residential Plot = 11 LAC

    Price of 1 Kanal Residential Plot = 17 LAC

    Price of 2 Kanal Residential Plot = 26 LAC

    COMMERCIAL (Cost of land only)

    Price of 4 Marla Commercial Plot = 20 LAC

    Price of 8 Marla Commercial Plot = 36 LAC


    Processing fee / residential = Rs. 5,000/-

    Processing fee / commercial = Rs. 10,000/-

    Booking = 10%

    Balance to be paid in 3 years installments

    Form fee = Rs. 500/-

    10% discount on full payment

    Contact # +92 300 4000624 UAN:111-111-624

  • Authentic estate tax amnesty bill approved by National Assembly


    The last step pending to formally approve the authentic estate tax amnesty scheme has determinately been taken. The National Assembly approved the Income Tax Ordinance (Amendment) Bill 2016 on Wednesday. The bill was presented in the assembly by the Federal Minister for Law and Equity Zahid Hamid. Parliamentary Secretary Rana Afzal Khan shed light on the purport of introducing this bill. Reportedly, the bill was approved after a short discussion.

    The purport of introducing this bill, according to Khan, is to determine the fair market value of property in the country. Khan additionally told the house that all stakeholders have been duly taken into confidence regarding the bill. According to a news source, the bill has been sent to the President of Pakistan, who will sign it to implement the amnesty scheme throughout the country within 24 hours.

    Non-taxpayers in the authentic estate sector intending to avail this amnesty scheme will have to pay 3% tax on the distinction between DC rates and property values mentioned in the FBR valuation tables to whiten their mazuma. This will automatically make them tax filers and sanction them to avail the benefits associated with filing their returns with the tax amassment ascendancy.

    It must be mentioned here that the Federal Board of Revenue will not inquire about the source of income of only that amount which has been whitened through this amnesty scheme, which is not time-bound and will be implemented right away.

    The approbation and implementation of this bill is expected to integrate revenue of trillions of rupees in the construction sector and withal avail 72 other industries linked with the construction and authentic estate sector of Pakistan.

  • Nov2016

    No reduction in Withholding Tax: FBR

    Islamabad: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has turned down authentic estate stakeholders’ request to bring down the percentage of withholding tax on property transactions, states an incipient source.

    In a meeting held to discuss details of granting authentic estate tax amnesty scheme, authentic estate stakeholders had additionally authoritatively mandated the regime reduce withholding tax, but the FBR relucted to accept this authoritative ordinance, verbally expressing that the withholding tax would be reviewed in the next budget.

    Currently, withholding tax for property sellers is 1% and 2% for tax filers and non-filers respectively. On the other hand, tax filing property buyers and non-filers are liable to pay 2% and 4% withholding tax in that order.

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